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MSP Corporation’s Backup and Recovery Services are a fully managed service, ranging from single server backups to multi-tiered enterprise database & application backup management and includes off site and on site management procedures.

MSP Corporation’s backup and recovery services incorporates governance and security (retention, schedules and data integrity) with regular reporting, procedures & processes ensuring the recovery of your data is maximised & enhanced within a defined timeframe.


MSP Corporation designs, maintains and support’s the backup and recovery for your organisational ICT infrastructure, ensuring your backup cycles, with the interrelated backup software is attuned to your ICT hardware, business and application requirements. The Service level agreements are specifically designed to cater for your organisation’s unique requirements, whilst always having your future plans in mind.

  • Industry Leading Backup and Recovery technologies.
  • A standard design, best practice and implementation methodology.
  • An integrated backup and recovery multi-tier services methodology.
  • Service level agreements, problem and relationship management.
  • Business/Vendor collaborative partnership methodology


  • Backup Multi-tiered architectural design & solutions with maintenance.
  • Security, product and administration backup setting.
  • Backup network and performance configuration setting.
  • Backup enterprise multi-tiered, multi-client data centre environments.
  • Backup encryption, compression and checksum security.
  • Backup and recovery procedure and reporting documentation.
  • Backup onsite and offsite management.
  • Disaster Recovery Management processes and procedures.


  • A Stable Solutions Provider.
  • A Stable Service Level Agreement.
  • A stable point of contact & accountability.
  • A stable cost.
  • A stable Multi-Tier Operational Environment.

There is a high demand on Organisations today to ensure high availability of their business applications due to:

  • Customer and business availability requirements increasing.
  • New governance regulations.
  • Data retention requirements both online and off line are increasing in volume, yet the window of time to backup is decreasing.

MSP Corporation will manage, design and place your IT Backup Infrastructure into the fibre, wireless and storage cloud future as it moves toward data backup staging areas being disk infrastructure controlled (SAN, NAS – centralised, decentralised) and both backup software structures and tape silo’s acting as secondary data staging areas for online data and archival recovery.

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