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Fixed Cost IT Solutions

Is it possible to have fixed Cost IT Solutions? This mean that your complete IT infrastructures such as hardware, software, support, maintenance etc. cost for your business will remain fixed. With how the market works with ebbs and flows having a fix price does not sound realistic and possible.

But this is exactly what our fixed Cost IT Solutions will give you. Just think what it will do to your business finances if every year you can allocate a fixed amount for your IT budget. You can use money that you might have to have put aside for your IT budget to some other part of your business and pay more attention to making it better. You can do all this when you have fixed Cost It Solutions and know that your IT budget is 100% accurate.

How can MSP Corp do this? Firstly we take complete ownership and control of your system and network. If you are a new business without any IT infrastructure we will custom build all your IT infrastructure right from the start. All this will be done especially for the demands of your business with all the high standards that we work with. If you have an existing IT infrastructure our engineers will do a system audit to verify the status of your system and if it complies with our standards. If your system is up to our standards we will start work on it immediately. If your system needs work and an upgrade is required will do it for you first before we proceed. Minor costs for the upgrade might be charged; but at most times we will do it for you free of charge.

Our fixed Cost IT Solutions will use the latest tools to monitor your system from the smallest thing to the major functions. Our monitoring tools will keep an eye of your system 24/7; this will enable us to see potential issues even before they happen and take action so it won’t have any negative effect on your business.

It’s an all win situation for you with our fixed Cost IT Solutions you get to have a fixed cost for your IT budget. Unlike in typical circumstances that you are used to you pay us as an investment for network up-time instead of paying for network-down time previously. This investment will let you have your business running smoothly which is what you are supposed to do compared to worrying about issues that might come up in your system.

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