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Storage & Virtualisation

MSP Corporation’s Storage and Virtualisation Services incorporate ongoing support, maintenance, operations and management of the ICT Storage and Virtualisation (Cloud Computing) infrastructure, with focus on ensuring minimal downtime and maximum availability.

MSP Corporation removes the high level hazy cloud vision and places your Organisation into a visibly defined cloud formation, using proven life cycle and best practice storage and virtualised management techniques, increasing availability, continuity and security of the Organisation’s Infrastructure environment.


MSP Corporation’s storage and virtualisation services reduces the complexities, delivering higher performance, whilst minimising the cost of ownership & increasing the return on investment. We achieve this due to our highly skilled technical staff and utilisation of the following:

  • Best practice in design, maintenance and implementation
  • Integrated services management and ITIL methodology
  • Service level agreements and process standards (ISO)
  • Latest technology expertise
  • Industry leading Storage and Virtualisation tools, hardware & software


  • All SAN & NAS technology with related storage backup and copy tools.
  • Virtualisation design and implementation (VMware, VIO, Zones/Containers, IVM).
  • SAN Switch Technologies (Brocade, Mc Data, Cisco).
  • NetApps range of products, increasing cloud storage.


  • A Stable Solutions Provider
  • A Stable Service Level Agreement
  • A Stable point of contact & accountability
  • A Stable cost
  • A Stable Multi-Tier Operational Environment

MSP Corporation focuses on your storage and virtualisation requirements delivering increased availability and better cost efficiencies, incorporating your old and new architectures and ensuring your IT Infrastructure requirements are attuned with your organisations strategic future.

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