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Storage and Virtualisation Services for Cloud Computing in Sydney

Have you ever heard of storage virtualisation or want to know what virtualisation is in cloud computing? Well, storage virtualisation involves the pooling of physical storage from multiple networked devices into a single storage device that is managed from a central hub. Decoupling applications from physical storage provides flexibility and improved use of resources.

At MSP Corporation, our storage and virtualisation services incorporate ongoing support, maintenance, operations, and management of the ICT Storage and Virtualisation (Cloud Computing) infrastructure. Our team works on these projects with a focus on ensuring minimal downtime and maximum availability. We remove the hazy high-level public and private cloud vision and place your organisation into a visibly defined cloud formation. This is carefully done using proven life cycle and best practice storage and virtualised management techniques. All of it enables you to increase the availability, continuity, and security of the organisation’s infrastructure environment.

Today, safeguarding your business data is critical. At MSP Corporation, we have cloud backup solutions for small businesses as well as large enterprises. Our managed cloud services include cloud, storage, backup, computing, and service virtualisation.

Types of Storage Virtualisation

There are three types of storage virtualisation that are commonly used, each comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Host-based: This type of storage virtualisation involves installing a software agent on each server that manages the mapping of logical to physical storage devices. It is usually best for small and medium environments where you have a limited budget, resources, and assets.
  • Array-based: In this storage virtualisation, SAN is used to provide storage for multiple servers that are physically located. Here, the array is neither visible to the server nor the user accessing the storage. This storage array technique is suitable for reducing the cost and complexity of managing storage. It is made possible with the help of a layer of abstraction between physical and logical storage.
  • Network-based: Network-based storage virtualisation has dedicated hardware appliances for managing storage. Here, there are interconnected network devices with an FC or ISCSI SAN that present themselves as a virtual pool within their storage network.

How Does Virtualisation in Cloud Computing Work?

In today’s world, most businesses prefer using storage virtualisation that helps them manage everything under a single console. This technology has become a necessity because it can easily handle a vast array of functionalities with extreme convenience and efficiency.

For this, a virtual machine is created for the business, which can be used in the cloud by installing all the applications on it. This virtual storage depends on the virtualisation process, where the data is written on a virtual drive. To enable software to use data stored in physical devices, it can either employ an algorithm to dynamically locate the data or generate a map using metadata.


  • All SAN & NAS technology with related storage backup and copy tools
  • Virtualisation design and implementation (VMware, VIO, Zones/Containers, IVM)
  • SAN Switch Technologies (Brocade, Mc Data, Cisco)
  • NetApps range of products, increasing cloud storage

Importance of Virtualisation Services

Storage virtualisation has been in the business for a while now and for all good reasons. There are many benefits of virtualisation software and all these are well known. However, some organisations are not aware of the technology and thus they haven’t adopted it yet. Are you one of those? If yes, then you are missing out on a lot of great opportunities.

Here are the top benefits of virtualisation services that you must know:

  • Better Storage Usage: Virtualisation of storage enables you to pool storage capacity that can be easily allocated to make it more efficient. This is not similar to disparate systems with various capacities while others remain unused.
  • Easier Data Management: It is more convenient to manage data with a single panel than spread across various locations. So, storage virtualisation enables you to pool all the data into a single management console where you can easily monitor it.
  • Enables Addition of Advanced Features: You will be able to take advantage of advanced storage features such as tiering, replication, and catching that can be standardised across all systems to deliver high-end functionalities.
  • Improved Data Security: Increased data security is possible with virtualisation that helps businesses deal with overly sophisticated cyber threats. It allows for rectifying data from different locations to avert any kind of IT disaster.
  • Scalability: Virtualisation storage helps to scale up or scale down your storage as per your requirement. Feeding data to the virtual pool of storage is easier than ever, unlike on hardware devices.
  • Easier Data Retrieval: You do not have to worry about retrieving data with virtual storage as it pools data from multiple physical storage devices, which makes it very easier to access it. Also, you do not have to manage multiple storage devices to retrieve each and every piece of information you are looking for.

Why You Should Consider Using Storage Virtualisation and Cloud Computing?

Virtualisation storage is one of the technologies that have been helping businesses to boost more than ever. It has been proven to be a valuable and practical source for solving many challenges that are related to growth management and more.

Below are some of the things that you will get with MSP Corporation’s services:

  • A Stable Solutions Provider
  • A Stable Service Level Agreement
  • A Stable Point of Contact & Accountability
  • A Stable Cost
  • A Stable Multi-Tier Operational Environment
Why Choose MSP Corporation for Cloud Computing Services?

Our team of experts deliver you with increased availability and better cost efficiencies. We ensure your IT Infrastructure requirements are attuned to your organisation’s strategic future.

At MSP Corporation, our storage and virtualisation services reduce the complexities, delivering higher performance. This further helps in minimising the cost of ownership and increasing the return on investment. We achieve this due to our highly skilled technical staff and the use of the following:

  • Best practice in design, maintenance and implementation
  • Integrated services management and ITIL methodology
  • Service level agreements and process standards (ISO)
  • Latest technology expertise
  • Industry-leading storage and virtualisation tools, hardware & software

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