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Risk Management

Risk Management Services are critical to the business and its own ongoing protection, maintaining business confidentiality and competitive advantage. MSP Corporation’s evaluation of ICT Infrastructure protection and ongoing security maintenance guarantees data integrity, information confidentiality, legal compliance and risk assessment of your Organisations future growth plans.


  • Risk Management, audit and evaluation.
  • Security Management Design, Maintenance & Support.
  • Security configuration, procedures and process.
  • Security remote access and Offices Solutions.
  • Internet service security provisions.
  • Network Maintenance (wireless and non-wireless).
  • WAN and LAN security management.

MSP Corporation achieves this through the following methodologies and practices:

  • ICT Industry Leading Security Technologies.
  • A standard security best practice, design and implementation methodology.
  • An integrated security services management methodology.
  • Service level agreements and relationship management protocols.
  • Business/Vendor partnership collaboration methodology.


  • Firewalls.
  • Static, dynamic and packet filtering.
  • Encryption technology.
  • VPN.
  • Optic, Wireless and Blue Tooth Technologies.
  • Intrusion Detection.
  • Virus and other malicious software protection systems.
  • Network and O/S security controls.
  • Data Integrity controls (includes storage, software and database access).


  • A Stable Solutions Provider.
  • A Stable Service Level Agreement.
  • A stable point of contact & accountability.
  • A stable cost.
  • A stable Multi-Tier Operational Environment.

Most organisations look at risk management as a cost, accidentally overlooking the full implications of access freedoms and thus the wrong protections are put into place and/or the knowledge of such required security protection that protects the business and corporation from both privileged and non-privileged users is not there. MSP Corporation’s Risk Management Services using best practices and methodology identifies and mitigates these risks via a more cost effective and proactive security model.

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