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Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services provides a fully managed corporate and business level service, from collaborative locations up to full enterprise outsourcing services collaboration, with the sole mission to perform the services in the most professional and cost effective fashion, with innovation and proactive solutions, that add value and increase your business or corporations market share, yet at the same time managing the operational ICT business requirements so your everyday business is not disadvantaged.

MSP Corporation is a leader in ICT consulting, providing services to a range of enterprises throughout the world. We focus on serving the SME (Subject Matter Expert) as well as specialised projects and outsourced infrastructure facilities for the larger enterprise. Our business is to deliver high-quality services to enhance an IT Outsourcing Enterprise Company or offer an Outsourced Services Model and IT systems, thus delivering service to respective clients, with the utmost professionalism and exceptional delivery of service.

These services are based on Service Level Agreements that are managed (not written in stone) with an exceptional quality in service, best practice and the broad spectrum of methodologies. Ensuring MSP Corporation constantly drives for excellence, increasing service delivery satisfaction and ensuring your business, corporation or government enterprise flourishes into the future.


MSP Corporation has many strengths, though utilising many of these major strengths, we are able to offer an end-to-end solution, from small to enterprise level ICT Infrastructure Management Service, this enables us to provide a multi tiered customised maintenance and support solution for your business or organisation specifically designed to cater for your current environment whilst always having your future plans in mind, we utilise the following methodologies and practices to achieve such excellence in delivery of service:

  • Industry and vendor Leading technologies
  • A standard design and implementation methodology
  • An integrated services management methodology
  • Service level agreements and relationship management
  • Business partnership and ITIL methodology


Advantages : (collaborative partner arrangement)

We can help in the area(s):

  • Consulting (IT Business Related Area’s)
  • Architecture, Analysis and Design
  • IT Strategic and Tactical Implementation’s
  • Project Management
  • Manages Services (Infrastructure)
  • Continuity of Service – design, implementation, procedures and processes.

Giving your business, corporation or government enterprise:

  • A Stable Solutions Provider.
  • A Stable Service Level Agreement.
  • A stable point of contact & accountability.
  • A stable cost.
  • A stable Multi-Tier Operational Environment.

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